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 Have no fear, Umberto is here.

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Italian Stallion

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Have no fear, Umberto is here. Empty
PostSubject: Have no fear, Umberto is here.   Have no fear, Umberto is here. Icon_minitimeFri Jan 02, 2009 12:20 pm

-Name: Nick
-Age: 16
-Gender: Male
-Date of Birth: 02/02/92
-Location: Quebec, Canada
-Motto/Quote: Don't bullshit me, Just do it, No Guts No Glory.
Favorite Music: Classic Rock
-Personality: You tell me.
-Personnel Intro: Well my name is Nick, but my interwebs alias is Umberto. From the name, you can probably tell I'm Italian, no not Spanish, Italian. College is soon approaching for me and I am deeply interested in 3 things: psychology, web design and photography. I made this forum because I would like to be part of a community that thinks similar to me. I think about things differently than the average person. I see, yes you guessed it, a lot of bullshit around me. Don't think I'm a person that hates the world and such, I love it, there's plenty of exciting things I intend to do in it. I hope this community prospers and we can further discuss some bull. Peace!

Have no fear, Umberto is here. Umberto3newnew
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Have no fear, Umberto is here.
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